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festival gift set

Moon Festival Gift Set

to celebrate the full moon party

- 2 x Any flavors of Breathing Tea (300ml per bottle) - 1 x Yuzu Wagashi (4 pieces) - 1 x Green Tea Nanko Ume Wagashi (4 pieces)

Yuzu Wagashi is using Yuzu from Ehime 愛媛縣 included in the white bean paste and wrapped with rice cake textured skin with lemon zest. Green Tea Nanko Ume infused Nanko Ume from Wakayama 和歌山縣 with green tea in the white bean paste and wrapped a rice cake textured skin with green tea flavor.

How to consume and keep Wagashi:

- Best consumed when the Wagashi is chilled and when the Wagashi skin turns soft. (Around 10 mins taking out from the fridge) - Best served within 24 hours after defrost from a freezer. If wish to keep longer, please store in a freezer for no more than a week. - Do not refreeze after thawing,

Terms & Conditions: No cancellation or refund can be made after purchased. Breathing Tea reserves the final right to exercise in case of any disputes.

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