BREATHING TEA is the most soothing kombucha in town with just the simple ingredients, bursting with live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants that contain low sugar naturally.

Kombucha based in Hong Kong

BREATHING TEA connects traditional tea with traditional fermentation drinks. With a focus on promoting a balanced way of life and embracing the present moment, to encourage mindful living.

Breathing Tea for finding stillness and joyBreathing Tea for finding stillness and joy

Awaken and Focus on the Present: Stillness and Joy

Focus on the joy in present and fully concentrate on what is in front of us. When tasting the first sip of BREATHING TEA, the natural bubbles in the mouth allow us to focus on the tea we are enjoying at the moment, instead of being distracted by a stream of fragmented thoughts that flood your mind. Gather our wandering thoughts and focus on the experience of being in the space, savoring the taste of different teas.

Breathing Tea's Production and IngredientsBreathing Tea's Production and Ingredients
Production and Ingredients
We only use premium, certified tea leaves and organic cane sugar for all batches. We believe quality takes time. Our kombucha is all brewed in the old fashioned way with small jar at a time and bottled with love. The taste of BREATHING TEA is a perfect balance between acid, sweet and tea flavours with natural fizz from the fermentation process. The best kombucha are made thoughtfully and carefully, which is why our kombucha contains low sugar and calories, and still maintains a great taste with just the simplest ingredients.
Breathing Tea & One Tree Planted
We help to plant trees.
one tree planted
Breathing Tea & A Drop of Life
10% profit give back to our community.
a drop of life
Breathing Tea's PartnersBreathing Tea's Partners
Growing with our partners
Our path to mindfulness and harmony has been paved with exceptional collaborations. Guided by a shared vision, we've empowered individuals and organizations to embrace the beauty of the present and lead extraordinary lives. If you seek to join our transformative journey towards mindful living, let's connect. Together, we'll shape a future brimming with possibility, regardless of your affiliation as a company, team, or guest.
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